East West Hotel Bars

A Bar is a locality or gastronomic equipment, where primarily drinks are served.

The word was borrowed in the 19th century from the English bar, which (like the Old French word barre) originally meant crossbar and later designated a barrier consisting of several poles. In the narrower sense, the term refers only to the actual bar (see Old High German bâri, 'carrying'), in front of the guest either stands or sits on bar stools and where the drinks are prepared and consumed, and the corresponding shelves for Bottles and accessories (English: backbar). The term "home bar" is sometimes used only for a private collection of spirits bottles. In a broader sense, the term "bar" refers to the entire restaurant in the sense of a gastronomic facility - so you can "sit in a bar (bar) at the bar".


 8 Bar

The 8th

8 is the number of planets in our solar system. 8 people are rescued in Noah's Ark. 8 is twice the number of the cosmos.

In Terry Pratchett's Discworld, the 8 is the number of magic. The 8 may never be spoken out loud by a wizard, and in Buddhism the 8-fold path out of samsara leads to liberation.

The 8 has it all, as well as the 8-bar - where? - Rheingasse 8, 4058 Basel.




With a moody musical mix of the current charts and famous hits as well as hits of the 70s, 80s and 90s and of course with the typical mousetrap alphabetic sound, good mood is guaranteed! Right here in Basel with us in the East West Hotel Basel